*Board of EMA Commissioners*

Board of EMA Commissioners

Current Commissioners:

Commission OverviewThe responsibilities of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners are as follows:

Meeting Information

Board meetings are scheduled to be held at 6 pm the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Chicago Ridge EOC.   Meetings may be cancelled if no official board business needs to be conducted. Meeting notices and notices of cancellations will be posted at the EOC at least 48 hours before the meeting. Occasionally, the Board may hold special meetings and hearings. These meetings will also be posted at least 48 hours in advance and can be attended by any member of the department.

For more information, please contact the Board EMA Liaison (Commander Bryan Pudinoff) at (708)-857-4469 ext 1.

Commission Members

The Board members are voted in by the Chicago Ridge Emergency Management Officers with the consent of the Chicago Ridge Emergency Management Commander; Bryan Pudinoff. Each of the five (5) members serve a one year  term.